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Oracle virtual box is one of the all-time favorite of many people who are into virtualization and IT Professionals. Virtual box is a cross-platform application for virtualization that lets you install on your existing intel or amd based computers.

Virtual Box is used when you want to create a virtual machine on top of your computer without having the need for server grade hardware. 

If you don’t have any idea what virtual machine is, you can refer to this link


Install Oracle Virtualbox

Step 1. Download the installer from here

Step 2. After downloading, go to your downloads folder and run the virtualbox installer.

Follow through the on-screen instructions to install it.

Step 3. A warning will show up stating that there would be a network interruption when oracle virtual box installs its network feature. just click “Yes”

Step 4. Click Install and wait for it to finish

Creating your first virtual machine

Here comes the most exciting part of our tutorial, creating your first virtual machine using oracle virtual box.


1. Windows/Ubuntu ISO

2. Hard drive space: 40GB


Step 1. Open Virtual Box Manager > Machine > New









*you can also press ctrl + N on your keyboard

Step 2. Provide the name for your virtual machine, select the type of operating system you are going to use and the version.

in this example, we are using the following: Windows OS, Windows 10 64bit.

Step 3. Select where you want to store the VM, File size set to 50GB, Hard disk file type: VDI, Storage set to Dynamically allocated. once done, click Create

Step 4. Right-click the VM you just created and click settings

Step 5.  Here we are going to add the ISO file and set it as live cd.

Step 6. On the System tab, we can modify the previously allocated RAM,Processor allocation, modify the boot order, etc.

Step 7. Start the virtual machine: Right-click > Start > Normal Start

A new window will pop up and it will display your VM Screen.

Congratulations! you now know how to install virtual box and create a VM.